Device for Life

Device 4 life is a community based program set to help Aussies less fortunate.

Everyone needs Technology & devices to communicate with each other and to access important information or advice on day to day living. Not everyone has access to technology be it a mobile phone, tablet or computer. Fact is over 20% of Aussies still don’t have access or devices for basic communications which we all take for granted. Imagine having no contact with the outside world for one day, let alone weeks or months.

Australia’s digital divide is not going away.....

The Australian Household Use of Information Technology report says we are doing more online, and we are using an increasing number of connected devices. Our homes are more connected. However, the number of people using the internet is not growing, and the basic parameters of digital inequality in Australia – age, geography, education and income – continue to define access to and uses of online resources.

Almost 2.6 million Australians, according to these ABS figures, do not use the internet. Nearly 1.3 million households are not connected, so what is going on?


Our partnership with GIVIT as our charity of choice allows you and your family to donate to other families not so fortunate. Just by donating your old tech, Nexlife can turn these into valuable devices that will help somebody in desperate need of reaching their family or friends.

We call this our Device 4 life program and its already helped hundreds of Aussies across the country. It’s your chance to change the life of someone or family in need.

Core values & purpose:

Quality products for a fair deal.

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